Delivering High quality, clean air for your industry / commercial

Our product range covering HVAC and Industrial Pollution filters are best suited solutions for your every need

More than 25 years of experience in manufacturing
and deployment of Industrial and Commercial Air
Filters with 99.995% accuracy

Windsor Air Filters touched almost every segment directly and indirectly and became the trust partner to our clients across India. Our range of products and services are designed to manufacture on custom based to our immediate customers/end customers, and also have capabilities in providing turnkey solutions. Our commitment to green environment through our products won the hearts of almost 500+ customers and has been maintaining a healthy bonding so far.

We are leading manufacturer of Industrial
Filters, offers a wide range of technology
intensive application Filters

Windsor Air Filters, one of the leading air filters manufacturer since 1998. Having a full length knowledge and concern towards fresh and green environment in required industrial segments like pharma to most human centric commercials like IKEA and other malls across the nation, which needs a 100% clean breathing air, our technology and knowledge has been playing a key role in providing 99.995% accuracy clean air. Our concern towards industries and human rights for getting the right and healthy air to the people who are stakeholders on this mission, we have been assisting the systems and businesses with our high quality products and solutions.

Expert Team

Our Experts Team

We have tremendous resources of skilled and non-skilled staff to achieve the set targets within the scheduled timelines. Our innovation cell, continuously working towards providing better solutions to fit to the present needs. Our 60+ human skilled resources are committed to serve you better results and on time.

Rnd Work

Our R&D Work

Our Research and Development wing in this segment continue to innovate to match the world-class solutions to minimize the costs and energy consumptions for better results, and we achieved to provide the zero risk-free solutions in this Covid-19 situation, we came up with filters with MERV (Minimum Efficiency Rating Value) rating.