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Professional managed company who are in to manufacturing of next generation air filters for clean room, HVAC and clean room equipments, we have separate team for validation.

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Hepa Filters

HEPA is an acronym for "high efficiency particulate absorbing" or "high efficiency particulate arrestance" or, as officially defined by the Department of Energy (DOE) "high efficiency particulate air".This type of air filter can theoretically remove at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 micrometres (μm) at 85 litres per minute (Lpm). In some cases, they can even remove or reduce viral contamination. The diameter specification of 0.3 responds to the most penetrating particle size (MPPS). Particles that are smaller or larger are trapped with even higher efficiency. Using the worst case particle size results in the worst case efficiency rating (ie, 99.97% or better for all particle sizes).

HEPA filters are also employed to filter out highly hazardous aerosols such as those that are radioactive, biohazardous and highly toxic (eg. carcinogins). In the event of a nuclear, biological or chemical outbreak, HEPA filters are the last line of defense between the contamination and the those who could be exposed to it.

Mini Pleat Hepa Filters

Minipleat hepa fiter class. H10 to H14, anodised aluminium profile frames, Plastic frames, endles foamed sealingm, Laminar flow protection grid.

Microfine fibre-glass paper is pleated fully automatically to produce filter packs of different sizes. The individual folds are spaced by means of fosed plastic threads and simultaneously lend the filter pack the required stability. Fields of application up to max 800 C and max relative humidity 100%

Extended surface, self-supporting mini-pleat filters

  • Polypropylene injection molded frames
  • Non-shedding, gradient density media
  • Polypropylene thermally bonded pleat separators

Microvee Filters

99% efficiency down to 5 micron with special cleanable non woven polyester media supported with wire mesh. For various applications in Air handling units, Package units, Air Washers & General Fine Filteration. Pleated element is supported by GI/AI spacers to ensure uniform air flow.

The entire array that we manufacture injecting the technical expertise of our dedicated workforce has set milestone in the marketplace. To produce the optimum quality Microvee Filters we built them in either 20 gauge CRCA, 18 Gauge Aluminium or Gl construction. Micro Vee Filters are widely demanded in pharmaceutical and industrial application for restoring a dust free environment. These filters are also used as prefilters to Absolute (HEPA) filters which can be further used in banks or handling units. Stringently tested as per Ashrae 52.1 these filters undergo Synthetic Dust Load Efficiency Test with static pressure and air velocity. For utilizing premium quality material in manufacturing them we are reckoned to be one among leading Microvee Air Filters Manufacturers. Additionally, we are viewed as the most trusted Microvee Filters supplier from India.

HDPE Filters

For high filtration efficiency with high chemical / corrosion resistance, ideal for chemical plants, naval frigates and ventilation plants operating under variable humidity conditions.

Media is constructed from several layers of high density polyethylene mesh, crimped to form deep folds, ensuring maximum filtration area relative to face area of the filter unit, resulting in low differential pressure, high dust retention capacity and high flow rate. Corrugations separated by aluminium spacers to ensure uniform distribution of air flow through filter media, giving longer life.

PERFORMANCE :WIN-F Series (5 Ply) Air Filter has an efficiency of 99% down to particle size of 5 Microns, WIN-PF series (4 Ply) has an efficiency rating of 95% down to particle size of 10 Microns and WIN-P series ( 3 Ply) air filter has an efficiency of 90% down to particle size of 15-20 Microns.

SNP Filters

All Motion and Power -Transmission mechanisms require fluid-flow systems,for a variety of performance requirements such as lubrication,power-transmittal,heat-removal and removal of debris,generated due to process and wear.

Filter elements form critical components of fluid flow systems,which are used to prevent premature wear and damage to costly machines,such as diesel engines, compressors, steam and gas turbines, automotives, hydraulic systems, transformers, rotating industrial machinery, etc

Bag Filters

Bag Filters are typically constructed from porous woven or felted fabric, tube-shaped, which gases are flowed through to remove particulates / contaminants. Contaminants larger than the porous openings within the bag filter allow the gas to pass through, however trap the larger contaminant particles.

Bag filters can be designed and manufactured small to quite large, some applications require bag filters up to 30 feet long by three or more feet across. Often, bag filters maybe enveloped within a supporting back frame or structure, This support system helps the bag filter to maintain shape under extreme and normal operating conditions. Bag filters are also available in many materials ranging from fiber to metallic.

Applications: Polution control equipment : Bag houses, Dust collectors, Meterial handling, cement Industries, Coal mills, and Sponge Iron Plants. Adaptable to a large number of applications, our exclusive range of Industrial Bag Filter is utilized in the process of powder separation from air or gas. Supported by several rectangular chambers, our robust Bag Filters ensure effective and speedy cleaning by its advanced automatic control system. Providing durable operation, our High Ratio Bag Filter is a high pressure pulse cleaned filter which is applied in vast cement, chemical, power, ferrous and non-ferrous industries for collecting dust. Low on pressure drop and power consumption, our preciously energy saving range of Low Ratio Bag Filter helps in minimizing the probabilities of dust re-entrainment. Featured for providing easy maintenance and cost-effectiveness, our Filters have made our mark among the leading Manufacturers of Environment Saving Products in both domestic as well as international markets.

Pocket Air Filters

Windsor's HVAC Multi Pocket Bag Filters are manufactured from Synthetic Medias with a high dust holding capacity offered by continuously welded pocket spacers ensuring even bag inflation. The pockets are supported and held in place by a welded wire frame, surrounded by a galvanised steel header frame for easy installation.

The pocket provides excellent performmance as a pre-filter to medium and high efficiency filters or as a standalone filter in commercial HVAC systems, unit ventilators, and fan coil units.
The fibers are not affected by moisture and therefore, synthetic pocket is a perfect choice for high humidity or intermittent moisture conditions.
Unlike fiberglass, synthetic materials are easy to handle and will not cause skin irritation. Synthetic Pockets are also hypoallergenic.

Carbon Air Filters

Activated carbon is used for absorption of gas organics impurities, filtration of odors, gasepis pollutants, particles.
Flange as well box construction filter frame in Aluminium, G.I Powder coated, Stainless Stell.
Extended surface rigid air filter with activated charcoal exposed to impured air.
Pleated panel filters are available in 1", 2", or 4" depths, with increasing levels of carbon density. The filters are interchangeable with conventional particulate filters of the same size. No modifications to current frames or latches are necessary.
Pleated filter with greater carbon density than the pleated filter and has dual purpose media design for both odor removal and particulate collection. Available in 1", 2", or 4" depths.
Pleated filter designed to provide odor and particulate control. Activated carbon is contained in a dust filtration media to achieve a dual filtration effect. Available in 1", 2", or 4" depths.

Grease Stop Filters

The Windsor FIRE PATROL is made from a unique roll formed baffle, designed to prevent flame from penetrating through the filter into the duct work. Two layers of equally spaced baffles create an air flow which gives unsurpassed performance in efficient grease removal. Smooth baffle surfaces cause a continuous run-off, allowing grease to be safely deposited in collection troughs.

Classified by Underwriters Laboratory Inc. as to flammability only after exposed to grease-laden air. Designed to be used in grease hoods and fryers. The FIRE PATROL was created to replace the mesh style filters, without concern for costly hood modification. The FIRE PATROL is available in Heavy Commercial Aluminum "A", Hot Dip Galvanized "G", OR 304 Stainless "S". Handles are not included.

Paint Arrestor Filters

Smart Media Means:
• Fewer Change outs • Less System maintenance • Improved Paint booth ventilation

SmartMedia paint arrestor pads and blankets are manufactured with high-loft filtration media which is comprised of 3 progressively denser layers. A scrim is added for the overall stability, holding the arrestor in place, thereby reducing air bypass.

Large fibers on the first layer (ten times the diameter of the final layer are open faced, coiled and bundled for structural stability and to insure capturing large paint particles. Fibers in the middle layer are less bundled and engineered to intercept progressively smaller particles passing through the first layer.

The third layer is comprised of single 21-micron fibers. It forms the final barrier for preventing particles from breaking away and contaminating the system. It is especially effective at capturing small, dry paint particles.

Wire Cages

Supplier and custom manufacturer of filter bag cages for commercial and industrial requirements.

Filter bag cages

  • 10 Wire Filter Bag Cages
  • Carbon Steel Bag Cages
  • Split-Section Cages
  • 12 Wire Bag Cages
  • Galvanized Bag Cages
  • Corrosion Resistant Cages
  • Special Coatings & Finishes
  • High Pressure Bag Cages
  • Bottom Removal
  • 20 Wire Bag Cages
  • Stainless Steel Bag Cages
  • Top Removal
  • Heavy Duty Filter Cages
  • Reinforced Filter Cages
  • Manufactured Bag Cages
  • Standard Bag Cages

Pulse-jet style baghouses are designed to utilize fabric filter bags with internal support structures commonly referred to as cages. Cages provide a means of holding the filter bag open during the particulate collection cycle. Cages must be strong to withstand the pressure from the filter bag exerted during the particulate collection cycle.