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Professional managed company who are in to manufacturing of next generation air filters for clean room, HVAC and clean room equipments, we have separate team for validation.

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Hepa Filters Manufacturers Hyderabad

HEPA type or HEPA like filters may be made in similar ways to true HEPA filters and may even resemble them. They do not have to meet the same standards as true or absolute HEPA filters. They often capture only 85 to 90 percent of particles and that percent can fall even lower for particles of 1 micron and below. HEPA type filters are less expensive than true or absolute HEPA filters.

Sheltering cutting edge technology and employing experienced professional, we are engaged in offering hepa filters. We offer air purifier with hepa filters which are widely used. Our range of industrial hepa filters and hepa air filter give excellent output. These hepa air purifier can be obtained at economical rates.



GI Power coated, aluminium anodised / St. Steel (Box / Flange) type.


Epoxy based adhesive used for leak proof joint between media and casing.


Sponge rubber / Polyurethane Neoprene gasket provided for sealing of filter on its mounting frame.

Temperature & Humidity

Recommended for operating temperature : up to 1200  C. Recommended for operating humidity : up to 100% RH


Recommended for minimum operating efficiency of 99.97% down to particle size of 0.3 microns by using DOP (Di-Octyl-Phthalate/PAO)

Product Range

Filters are abailabe with air handling capacity in the range of 170 cubic meter / hr (100 CFM) to 3400 cubic meter / hr. (2000 CFM)


Filter Media is 100% micro – glass fibre paper imported with high water repellence and temperature resistance. This medium is folded in to deep pleats and separated by machine pleated aluminum spacers, which uniform flow through out the filtering aream, low resistance, ensures uniform dust loading and allows high flow rate.