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Mini Pleat Hepa Filters

Minipleat hepa fiter class. H10 to H14, anodised aluminium profile frames, Plastic frames, endles foamed sealingm, Laminar flow protection grid.
Microfine fibre-glass paper is pleated fully automatically to produce filter packs of different sizes. The individual folds are spaced by means of fosed plastic threads and simultaneously lend the filter pack the required stability. Fields of application up to max 800 C and max relative humidity 100%. As a best manufacturers, we manufacture and supply Mini Pleat Hepa filters as per client need with qualiy aspects. We never compramise on quality.


Aluminium/GI/CRCA anodised/SS304




Polyethylene / equivalent

Extended surface, self-supporting mini-pleat filters

  • Polypropylene injection molded frames
  • Non-shedding, gradient density media
  • Polypropylene thermally bonded pleat separators
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Mini Pleat Hepa Filters

Mini Pleat Hepa Filters