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Paint Arrestor Filters

Smart Media Means:
• Fewer Change outs • Less System maintenance • Improved Paint booth ventilation

Windsor paint arrestor pads and blankets are manufactured with high-loft filtration media which is comprised of 3 progressively denser layers. A scrim is added for the overall stability, holding the arrestor in place, thereby reducing air bypass.

Large fibers on the first layer (ten times the diameter of the final layer are open faced, coiled and bundled for structural stability and to insure capturing large paint particles. Fibers in the middle layer are less bundled and engineered to intercept progressively smaller particles passing through the first layer.

The third layer is comprised of single 21-micron fibers. It forms the final barrier for preventing particles from breaking away and contaminating the system. It is especially effective at capturing small, dry paint particles.

Result: Paint is evenly collected throughout the entire pad. Change outs are reduced and productivity is increased.

Contains Poly b. A technology employed during manufacturing that produces two primary benefits:

1. Softer, safer, easier handling fibers.
2. Total Tac: the industry's first, true 100% tackification product. Total Tac captures dust and paint particles before they escape up the stack and into the environment.

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Paint Arrestor Filters

Paint Arrestor Filters