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Professional managed company who are in to manufacturing of next generation air filters for clean room, HVAC and clean room equipments, we have separate team for validation.

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SNP Filters

All Motion and Power -Transmission mechanisms require fluid-flow systems,for a variety of performance requirements such as lubrication,power-transmittal,heat-removal and removal of debris,generated due to process and wear.
Filter elements form critical components of fluid flow systems,which are used to prevent premature wear and damage to costly machines,such as diesel engines, compressors, steam and gas turbines, automotives, hydraulic systems, transformers, rotating industrial machinery, etc
Windsor Air Filters offers a complete solution in FILTRATION , from the supply of all types filter Cartridges,Simplex & Duplex filters, Strainers,Air Panel Filters, SNP, etc, to the design, manufacture, supply and commissioning of FILTRATION SYSTEMS for a variety of fluids such as:

Lubricating Oils & Gasoline, Hydraulic and Gear Box Oils, Air, Vapours & Gases, Transformer & Circuit Breaker Oils, Heat Quenching Oils, Chemical Process Fluids, Pharmaceutical & Beverages, Grease & Viscous Liquids, Petroleum & Natural Gas, Insulating Fluids

a. Hydraulic Oil and Gear-Box Oil Filter-Cartridges
b.Lubricating Oil & Fuel Oil Filter Cartridges
c.Transformer Oil & Circuit-Breaker Oil Filters
d.Air-Oil Seperators & Coalescers
e.Air-Intake Filters Elements & Gas Conditioning Filters
f. Y-type, T-Type Fluid Strainer Assemblies
g.Simplex & Duplex Basket Filters/Strainers.

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SNP Filters

SNP Filters